Visual FX Winners | 8th Annual MPA


I Can’t Look at the Stars by Lorenka Campos



What Was She Really Thinking by Christine O


Gaia by Trevor Messersmith


They Wore Their Strange Beauty Like War Paint by Lorenka Campos


I Turned Myself to Face Me by Lorenka Campos


Planetarium by Tee Lip Lim


Fall Into Pieces by Kamil Konrad Kawczynski


I’m looking by Dominika Koszowska


A beautiful day by Patricia Leeds


Enchantment III by Viki Murray


Blue Monday Boreen Point by Viki Murray


Choose Joy by Viki Murray


Life Imitates Art by Viki Murray


Acid Rain by Amadeusz Jackiewicz


Facsimile by Amanda Parker


Don’t Let Life Ruffle with your Feathers by Cathrine Halsor


No Fear of Depths by Robin Robertis


The Dance by Amy Ecenbarger


Time Is On My Side by Fleur Schim


Can You Hear Me Running? by Fleur Schim


Nights That Fall As Softly As The Rain by Tommy Vohs


Psyche: Breath, Soul by Jen Mckenzie


Bent & Broken by Peggy Taylor Reid


Desperate Housewife by Jo Sullivan


Emily Says by Jo Sullivan