Visual FX Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Corazon Puro by Erika Brothers



Forever Vanished by Arezoo Kayal


Winter in the Glen by Mark Kinrade


Take me Home by Erika Brothers


Hands by Lei Zhao


A way to heaven by Magdalena by Ciesielska


Parallel World by Alice Ng


The Everyday Apocalypse by Burcu Ozturk


Fortress of Evil by Mimi DiFrancesca


Meditation by Melissa Fraser


Wondering by Joanna Cykowska


Sunset Dune by Dan Liu


Imagine (one thousand paper cranes) by Peter Wilkin


Airport Hustle by Fleur Schim


Down to the Waterline by Fleur Schim

Colourful Trees by Eleni Gemeni

Speak no Ill by Eleni Gemeni


Threshold by Linda Hollier


Groundlessness by Linda Hollier


Kopflos by Cecilia S. Thiago


Portrait R by Sukru Mehmet Omur


What are you Lookin’ at? by by Viki Murray


The Market by Kathy Clay


Tyranical Meltdown by Jane Schultz


Your Kiss Killed Me on that Night by Massimiliano Balò


Wonder is the Heaviest Element by Lorenka Campos


Creativity is Another Form of Open Space by Lorenka Campos


I’m Sending the Coyote to Bring you Back to Me by Lorenka Campos


Paper Cut by Jacob Dix