Water | Snow | Ice Winners | 10th Annual MPA


San Clemente by Roger Clay



I Dream of Cattails by Kimberly Post


The Snow Way Home by Yayun Liu


Arrival at Destination by Gordana Cavkoska


Sea Sport by Einat Shteckler


Swim by Julia Nathanson


Sea and Ship at Shiretoko by William Shum


Lake Solstice by Maureen Ruddy Burkhart


Temple of Waves by Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez


Play on the Ice by Jian Cui


Surfers No.176 by Petyr Campos


Playing Musun Shagai by Alessandra Manzotti


Madrid´s Cathedral by Luis Rodri­guez


A Sunrise Moment by Kevin Casey


Foggy Pier by Lee Smith


Sunset by Andy Cheung


Comb Beck by Tim Day


First Contact with the Clouds by Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez


Wayter Lake Baikal_Cave by Juan Zas Espinosa


Raindrops Series, #15 by Emilia Kashfian


Evening Stroller by Marc Zetterblom


Discreet Kiss by Frederic Deschenes


Surprised by The Snow This Morning by Frederic Deschenes


Santa Fe, Snowy Streetscape by Joseph Cyr


Frozen by Irene Oleksiuk


Almost Winter by Mariko Klug


The Carwash Red, White and Blues by Mary Balagia


Rydal Boathouse by Tim Day


Untitled by Deena Berton


Don’t Rain on My Parade by Mal McCann


Splash! by Timofey Rodchenkov


The Little Chapel by Mariko Klug