1st PLACE WINNER | Water/Snow/Ice

The Falls by Ryan Cardone



Arctic Trip by Liang Liu


Eye of the Storm by Di Lu


Three Horses by Jose Paulo Andrade


Replicating the Irreplicable by Roy Pan


Splash & Crash by Ayush Dave


Stream in the Forest by Amadeusz Jackiewicz


Unitled by Anna Perito Moreno


Flying Fish by Li Wang


Determined by Artem Koleganov


Greenland Iceberg by Kelley Dallas


River Ride by Artur Smutek


Truckin’ by Margaret Shaw


Navigating the Urban Forest by Margaret Shaw


The Ship’s Name is Compass by Gordana Cavkoska


Fisherman at Sunrise by Jodi Acosta


Bubblemania in Ice by Linda Repasky


Frozen in Time by Linda Repasky


A Winter’s Day by Guy Newman


The Frozen Ship by Anmar Alsayed Ahmed


Lake Erie by Tim Creamer


Courage by Stephanie Cope


Angler by Krzysztof Kupren


Untitled by Janice Luzzi


Instant Rainbow Generator by Barak Engel


Fall by Yi Chien


Black Bridge Reflection by Freida Kinney


Reflections of Palermo by Alberto Vincenzo Pappalardo


Ride the Wind & Waves by Zhengming Gao


River of Cloud by Michael Richmond


Letting Go by by Uma Vaidyanathan


A Winter’s Tale at Shiroka Polyana Dam by Krasimir Matarov


Brain Freeze by Nimish Dhamat


Christmas on the Estuary Walk by Francisco Javier Fernandez Gomez


Flowing by Melissa Needle


Quiet of Snow by Jennifer Dimock


Ice Storm by Caroline Potter Robitaille


Patterns at the Swimming Pool by David Valko