Water/Snow/Ice Winners | 9th Annual MPA


White Out by Margaret Shaw



Morning Fog by Cathrine Halsør


Rainy Day, Manhattan by Pierre Hauser


Pretty #2 by Robin Robertis


Ice Tree by Mariko Klug


Chagrin Falls by Trevor Messersmith


Sleeping Snow by Kyungwon Yi


Emerald Dreams by Tracy A. Weiss


Sydney Harbour Bridge from bus window during storm by Joe Mills


Becheno Blow Hole by Misko Martinovic


Tilted Puddle by Yais Yusman


Alone by Yais Yusman


Gold Fuji Mount by Fukai Chang


Fantasy of Red & Blue by Jiaqi He


White water Mountain Tops by Brianna Henry


Cherry Blossoms on the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto by Sean Kelly


Terrace Fields by Naian Feng


Icecave Adventure by Naian Feng


Geothermal Water Pond by Naian Feng


Colorful Canyon by Shusen Jia


Lake Louise by Tim Day


Summer Cascades by Tim Day


Shanghai by Liushuai Cheng


Between Mountains and Water by Wang Hsiu Ling


Inle Floating Market by Hlaing Myint Min


Fisherman Family by Hlaing Myint Min


Power by Ryan Cardone


The Pier by Ryan Cardone


Survive by Nicolas Xanthos


Sabrina Maria by Gretchen Grace


Circles and Lines by Jacob Dix


Beneath the Surface by Jacob Dix