Architecture & Design/Still Life

Our surroundings are full of visually interesting buildings, structures, designs and patterns from the countryside to the city.

Black and White

In the digital era, photographers are no longer limited by darkroom costs or film choice and the allure of Black & White is as strong as ever.

Digital Fine Art / Visual FX

This category is for manipulated and altered images using additional elements like textures, multiple exposures, and app effects to create an image from the imagination of the artist.

Landscapes & Wildlife

In many ways, landscapes are the most difficult kind of photos to produce with a mobile phone camera. Most landscape shots taken with a DSLR have the advantage…


When you magnify a subject, you bring your viewers into a world impossible to witness with the naked eye.


The People category is always the busiest in the MPA because it’s about everybody’s favorite subject: our species!


The simplest definition is that portraits are artistic representations of the likeness of person.

The Darkness

Think shadows, mystery, low key exposures, night shots, deep, rich, dark colours and misty, cryptic Black and Whites.

Travel & Transportation

Travel photography is about conveying through images an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs, architecture and history.


Silhouettes create such powerful images, due to the simple isolation of subject. They remove all distractions and all you see is the a perfectly sharp black outline against a beautiful background.